Sony bringing a Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR mission to the PS4


Okay, so you’re a Star Wars fan. But you’re never going to be able to actually live in that universe, fighting Sith, talking to droids, flying an X-Wing… wait, you can actually do that last one. Sony has, at E3 2016, announced a neat little add-on for Star Wars Battlefront that seems to be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 – an X-Wing mission designed to be played with the PlayStation VR.

The mission exists as little more than a teaser at this point but what little we’ve seen looks very impressive indeed. Being strapped into the cockpit of an X-Wing will be a dream come true for many Star Wars fans, though this will mean that they have to get their hands on PlayStation VR when it launches later this year.

Speaking of the PlayStation VR, though, Sony has confirmed that its VR hardware will be landing (in the States) on 13 October. They’ve given out American pricing for the hardware too: It’ll cost you $400 (R6,120), or the price of a new Xbox One S 2TB, to get some lounge VR in your life. But at least then you’ll have all the components required to go hunting for a reality other than this one. When the Battlefront addition will launch is a mystery, however. Sony have not deigned to bestow that information upon us slavering heathens just yet.


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