Watch the Galaxy S7 take on the S7 Active in a lengthy drop-test


At the end of this video you will be grateful for one thing: That it wasn’t your brand new Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Active being used to see how Samsung’s flagship device matches up to the rugged version. Sensitive viewers and insurance company representatives might want to leave the room.

Matching the Galaxy S7 against the S7 Active in a drop-test is a foregone conclusion. We know that the Active is going to fare better, since that’s exactly what Samsung designed it for. But of particular interest is just how much punishment each handset can take. And punishment is just what they get.

The first four drops (rear, short edge, long edge, and face) end with the Galaxy S7 Active taking the crown, though the vanilla S7 is surprisingly durable when bounding off concrete on its edges.

Try not to cringe too hard when you see the face-test but, if you stick around, you’ll see just how far the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active can go. After the versus has come to a close and the S7 is knocked out, the folks at PhoneBuff just hammer away at it, trying to stop it from working. Spoiler: They failed.

Source: PhoneBuff


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