Microsoft’s Xbox One S leaks ahead of official reveal


It’s all going to be very official later on today but here it is now: Microsoft’s slimmer Xbox One update, the Xbox One S, has leaked. Several images of the new console have appeared online, courtesy of the users at NeoGAF, and a whole mess of specifications have made it out into the wild as well.

Xbox One SWe’re guessing that the ‘S’ stands for Slim, as the new console is supposedly going to be 40% smaller than the original Xbox One. The power brick isn’t going to be a thing this time around, as it seems that Microsoft will be integrating it into the main unit.

The console will reportedly feature 4K video streaming and support for High Dynamic Range to boot. 2TB of storage will be yours for the filling (and the Xbox One does love to suck up drive space) too. Most of the updates seem to be media-focused, this time around.

What isn’t know are pricing and availability but we’ll probably hear about that this evening. It’s thought to cost $299 more than the current Xbox One, which would mean getting your hands on an Xbox One S here at home will just about double the price. Hopefully we’re wrong about that.

Source: Engadget


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