If you must have Android running on an iPhone 6s, this is one way to do it


So you’re an iPhone evangelist but you want to experience how the other side lives, in no small part because Apple’s hardware just looks so good. The folks from Tendigi Engineering have a way for you to run Android on an iPhone without having to mess with the original operating system.

Trouble is, you’re going to lose the sleek lines that the iPhone – the iPhone 6S in this case –  is known for in the process. Tendigi, specifically the company’s Nick Lee, came up with a custom-created case for the iPhone 6S which looks a little like those crazy extra-battery coverings. This one, though, holds the components and Android installation needed to get Android running on the iPhone. Except that ‘running’ isn’t quite the right term.

Tendigi’s hack uses a custom board and a custom installation of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The iPhone’s display is being used and the Android overlay is running on the iPhone via an (also custom) app. Some of the phone’s sensors and hardware are being used but Android hasn’t been installed on the handset. It’s still an iPhone at the end of the day so Apple won’t do anything nasty to your files or your warrantee.

The process to get this all working will take a few days to put together, if you have the components and know what you’re doing. So if you’re looking for a total Android conversion in an iPhone shell, you should look elsewhere. It is interesting to look at the process needed to create this mod, however. Nick Lee has it all laid out at the link below.

Source: Tendigi Engineering


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