Smanos home security kit will soon be winging its way to these two people


We do so like this time of the month. We get to give away free things to Stuff readers and, most importantly, we get to do it on a Friday. There’s nothing quite like starting your weekend off by winning a competition. Or so we’re told. We’re not actually allowed to enter these things, so we’ll likely never really know…

Before you go feeling all bad for us, though, we should probably get into this Friday’s announcement. About a month ago we announced that we were giving away two different Smanos home alarm systems – one each to two different winners. There was the Smanos WiFi Alarm System, valued at R2,300, and the Smanos GSM/SMS Wireless Alarm System, valued at R3,300, which were destined for a new home. And their new owners are about to be announced.

W020-01Before we get into that fun stuff, we have all of the usual legalities to get out of the way. You can find most of our competition info on the Terms and Conditions page but there are a couple of items we like to get out of the way here. This is how the whole thing goes down every month: Winner’s names are drawn randomly by a computer. Once the name has been drawn, the entry is examined by a human to see whether the question has been answered correctly and if it hasn’t been the draw is discarded and a new winner is drawn. That’s it. Unless you work for Stuff Magazine in one way or another, in which case you were disqualified before you even started.

And now, the main event. Our winners are:

Riaz Adamjee, winner of the smaller Smanos system.

Jadine Kruger, the winner of the larger Smanos system.

Congratulations to our newly-secure winners, who will be getting an email shortly asking them to confirm their delivery details, and better luck next time to our many, many entrants. Fear not if your name wasn’t featured this week, we’ve got a replacement giveaway (or two) going live on Monday, so your week will start the right way. For now, enjoy the weekend. Especially if you’re Riaz or Jadine.


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