Light Start – Solarin secure phone, GeForce screen, 458 MM Speciale, and slowing Jawbone


Sirin Labs’ Solarin secure phone has launched, runs slower than your new Samsung

So you think that your smartphone cost a lot? You’re not even close to having the most costly handset, as Sirin Labs’ Solarin smartphone has just launched. What can you expect to pay for one of these devices? Try around R250,000. Yes, there’s an extra zero there and it’s supposed to be there. Why so expensive? Because the company is targeting “…the international business person who carries a lot of sensitive information but doesn’t want to compromise on usability, quality or design.” People with the sort of money that you won’t ever make in your entire lifetime, in other words. The company is offering what they “…believe is the best mobile phone in the world” but the spec-sheet disagrees. At least in terms of pure specs. The security features now… that’s another story. Worth a quarter mil? That’s up to you.

Source: via The Verge

Can someone please get us the Digital Storm Aura for Christmas?

AuraWe’ve never been massive fans of the all-in-one PC. They tend to promise things, not deliver and they’re just underpowered, in general. Not so Digital Storm’s Aura, which is a PC built into a 34-inch curved screen. You can get the base model for around $2,000 (R31,400) which will give you a Core i5 6500, GeForce 960 (4GB) and 16GB of RAM. Or you could go for the one that we really want, the wallet-busting $5,000 (R78,500) version with a Core i7 6950x, one of Nvidia’s shiny new GTX 1080 8GB cards, and 32GB of DDR4 RAM. That’s not much to ask for in an all-in-one, is it? So… who’s feeling generous out there?

Source: Digital Storm

Someone had enough money to have this custom Ferrari built by the Italian marque

458 MM SpecialeThis is the Ferrari 458 MM Speciale. You can’t have one. Well, you might be able to have one like it but you’d have to pay Ferrari a large sum of money to make it happen. But you still won’t be able to buy this one. The 458 MM Speciale is based on the 458 Speciale and is a one-off created for an unspecified British driver. We like to think that Rowan Atkinson decided that he wanted a custom Ferrari but the company isn’t saying who paid for this singular MM. We’re also not sure what changes, if any, were made to the engine but hit the link below for a round-the-vehicle look at this one-off Ferrari. And a little early morning mind trip.

Source: The Verge

Jawbone reported to be slowing down in the fitness hardware market

Jawbone UP2 UP3 StackJawbone reportedly has a few changes coming, which could lead to a scarcity of Jawbone hardware on the market very soon. The wearables company with the fantastic app has apparently sold off their existing wearables stock to a third-party reseller, a move which has been accompanied by a slow-down in production of new wristwear. What changes this might signal for the company aren’t immediately clear but Jawbone are also thought to be looking at getting out of the Bluetooth speaker business. They’re supposedly working on a new health-focused wearable, which might explain why they’re shifting away from fitness-specific gear and the rest of their lineup. Whatever the result, we really do hope the company sticks around. And offers their app to other wearables companies. Seriously, that Jawbone app is amazing.

Source: Tech Insider


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