Samsung’s Gear 360 camera, exploded


Samsung’s Gear 360 camera is on the way but, before it lands, don’t you want to take a look at what’s on the inside? As it happens, you can, even if Samsung doesn’t want you to see it just yet. The reason we say that is that Samsung look to have taken down the original image from their Korean news site.

Gear-360-TeardownBut this is the internet and the internet never forgets. And someone always, always gets a screen-capture. Which means that you’re looking at the image that Samsung attempted to disappear. Or maybe they just moved it – our Korean is extremely non-existent. The Gear 360’s exploded view is clear, with notations handily in Korean and English, and we can see everything from the casing to the batteries. And everything in between, like the shock-resistant lens cover, the two 15MP CMOS sensors, motherboard and the intervening bits that keep the Gear 360 from touching.

The design for Samsung’s 360-degree camera, which is due out on the Western market (starting in the UK) from mid-June this year, is surprisingly uncomplicated. We’ve had small cameras for a long while and it’s strange to think that Samsung, of all companies, hadn’t thought of putting two of them back-to-back before this. We’re not counting smartphones, which already have cameras in that configuration, because we don’t use both of those at once.

Source: via SamMobile


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