Light Start – Olympus action-cam, Twitter changes, Pebble Core, and inside Hyperloop


Olympus wants you to use its Stylus Tough TG-Tracker to film your 4K action

TG TrackerGoPro has even more competition on hand with Olympus’s new Stylus Tough TG-Tracker. The unwieldy name belies its functionality, the TG-Tracker is a 4K-capable (at 30fps) action cam that includes (deep breath) GPS, barometric pressure sensors, temperature sensors, a compass, accelerometer and the ability to live underwater up to 30 metres, is shockproof, able to survive temperatures of -10 degrees, and is crushproof. Within reason. Plus it has similar filming specs to the GoPro Hero4 Silver. Um… nice. The TG-Tracker hasn’t been detailed for South Africa yet but we’ll keep you posted. It starts at $350 (R5,450) in the States.

Source: Olympus

Twitter is going to be yanking @mentions out of the character count

Twitter HeadThere are changes coming. We can feel it in the wind. And in the blog post (link below), written by senior product manager Todd Sherman, detailing some of the changes coming to the short messaging social media network. Among those changes are the removal of @-mentions from the 140-character count. Also leaving the 140-character count are attachments, like images, GIFs, videos or quote tweets. Users will no longer have to use .@ if they’re sending tweets out to everyone, either. Just when it all arrives hasn’t been announced yet, though. All we have is “in the coming months” but that could be six months from now or tomorrow. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

Source: Twitter

Pebble has a new batch of goodies for us, including the Pebble Core

New PebblesPebble has some new gear on the way for everyone. You have to pay for them, of course, but the company is trying something new with their updated kit. And yes, Kickstarter is involved. The company was seeking $1 million for updated smartwatches, the Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2 and then something called the Pebble Core, which is a multi-function wearable with a GPS, that is able to link to Spotify and IFTTT, so you can make it do a lot more. We say ‘was seeking’ because there are 35 days to go and they’ve topped $5.77 million raised. We think this one is being funded, guys.

Source: Pebble (Kickstarter)

What would it look like inside a Hyperloop capsule? Something like this…

So you’re inside a tube being whisked along to work at Mach One. What do you think that would look or feel like? We’re not sure about the feeling but we’ve got an idea of what the inside of a Hyperloop capsule would look like. It looks a lot like the interior of the Gautrain, only emptier (because they haven’t put enough people in the concept video) and a lot more space-aged. The walls would be the most interesting part, virtual windows that would show you the landscape whizzing by and contributing to motion sickness in a big way. Or, you know, you could also use the window-walls to get information about the weather, the route, probably the news… if the Hyperloop does use the AR tech by Re’Flekt, there might be more fights than usual over the ‘window’ seat.

Source: via The Verge


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