Samsung has erected an 80-metre Galaxy S7 Edge in Moscow


Technically this is about Samsung’s advertising rather than one of its products (while at the same time also being about a product) but since the advertising is a technical feat in itself, we’re probably going to be able to get away with this one. Samsung has gone and built a Galaxy S7 Edge billboard in Moscow.

Normally that wouldn’t be all that impressive, except that this billboard is 80 metres high (and 40 metres wide) and looks, at a casual and an extended glance, like a Galaxy S7 Edge. Right down to the distinctive screen edges. Albeit a screen the size of the building it’s attached to. Big whoop, right?

Right, because Samsung’s monster billboard is also an LED screen, meaning that nobody in the vicinity is going to be getting much sleep until the company’s contract runs out. You can see the monster billboard in the video above, as seen from a distance using a drone. Because it’s a little too large to see when you’re standing next to it.

Source: Samsung (YouTube)


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