The BMW i8 Futurism Edition from Garage Italia Customs is colourfully divisive


You’re either going to love it or hate it but this vinyl overhaul of one of BMW’s i8 EVs took a lot of time and patience to put together. Called the BMW i8 Futurism Edition, this multi-coloured mod is the creation of Garage Italia Customs, an outfit from Milan.

The custom livery was put together at the behest of BMW Italia, to celebrate fifty years of BMW’s presence in the country.

The eye-catching design was inspired by a painting called ‘Street Light’, which was painted in 1909 by Giacomo Balla. The original painting depicted a light at night and Garage Italia Customs have done a fine job in translating something over a centry old into a design that doesn’t look out of place in the here and now.

Of course, as some in the Stuff offices have opined, the vinyl wrap could also be classed as sacrilege to what was already an amazing car. Eye of the beholder and all that.

Source: Garage Italia Customs


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