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With the internet came a paradigm shift in terms of how we communicate. We are faster, more efficient, and have an infinite reach in terms of who, how, where and when we communicate with people and things. The shift from how we connect with the world and how the world connects with us has been a quick transformation. Here’s the briefest of glances at tangible ways that the internet has altered out lives forever.

Show me the money: Can you recall the last time you physically had to walk through the doors of a bank? Me neither. This is because the internet has empowered technology, particularly mobile technology, to enable you complete accessibility to your money. You can transact without cash or even a card.

I need a ride: Need to get home but find yourself over the limit to drive or simply stranded? You can stay fiercely independent by communicating with an application-based cashless service like Uber.

What is the Yellow Pages?: Most millennials don’t know what a phonebook looks like. The internet helped changed communication in terms of how we enlist the services of, say, a plumber, and applications like Help Out App have made it possible to seamlessly find the help you need in minutes.

When a home becomes an office: The internet has allowed users to set up an office from literally anywhere with a connection. You can have meetings with several people and work on a document in real time in tandem with other people, eliminating the need for a physical presence.

No more cable: No more need to subscribe to TV viewing. With the advancements made in speed of internet connectivity and reliability, you can watch movies or series of your choice, listen to music of your choice thanks to access made easy by providers like Netflix and Showmax.

Fundamentally, connectivity allows us to do many things differently that didn’t seem possible a decade ago. The only safe prediction for the decade to come then is that the evolution of internet-based technology isn’t over- it is happening – and will remain in a constant state of evolution. All we can do now, is ensure that we are prepared for it. That means ensuring we have reliable, fast and efficient connectivity to the internet.

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