Single iPhone 7 Plus model expected with dual-lens camera and extra RAM


While the Apple rumour mill often gives us pretty precise details about the new iPhone before it’s officially revealed, the months leading up to that point can contain a lot of back-and-forth on the particulars.

That’s definitely been the case with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus since late last year, and one rumour has popped up again and again: that the larger Plus model will offer a dual-camera system on the back (akin to the LG G5), which will allow for more photography options, better zooming functionality, and potentially better overall shots due to varying focal lengths.

But there’s been some inconsistency, as noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously stated that Apple would offer two versions of the iPhone 7 Plus: a (surely pricier) model with the dual-camera tech, and also a more standard model akin to the iPhone 6s Plus. Now, however, Kuo has walked back that belief and claims there will be just one iPhone 7 Plus.

“In a previous report, we said the new 5.5-inch iPhone model (referred to as iPhone 7 Plus), to be launched in [the second half of 2016], may come in two versions: one with rear single-camera and the other with rear dual-camera,” he wrote, according to MacRumors.

“However, we now believe Apple (US) will only roll out the dual-camera version in [the second half of 2016], with 3GB RAM to meet image processing requirements, and we estimate shipments of this model in [late 2016]of 20-30 million units,” he continued.

iphone7-leak-rearIf true, the standard and Plus models of the iPhone 7 will offer much more differentiation than the current iPhone 6s models, which only really vary in size of body and display, screen resolution to match, and the addition of optical image stabilisation on the Plus.

The above image leaked last month of the purported iPhone 7 Plus, with the dual lens array and what looks to be a Smart Connector on the bottom for accessories – much like the iPad Pro models. Rumours also suggest that Apple will remove the headphone port from both iPhone 7 models, which most folks don’t seem too keen on.

We’ll surely hear a lot more speculation and hopefully more corroboration in the months to come, but Apple isn’t likely to spill the beans until about September.

Source: MacRumors


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