Because Counterstrike and Windows 95 weren’t enough, here’s a smartwatch running Windows 7


People have installed Counterstrike and Windows 95 on an Android Wear smartwatch, just because they can. These are, technologically speaking, ancient programs, so what would it look like to install something more modern on a wristwatch. Like, say, Windows 7?

Behold, one of the most useless software mods you’ll ever encounter. What you can see above is YouTube user Hacking Jules booting up Windows 7 on an Android Wear LG G Watch (W100). The six-minute video shows the emulator uses to install the ‘lite’ version of Microsoft’s OS as well as the eventual boot-up.

What it doesn’t show is the rest of the time it took the watch to load into Windows 7 – three hours is a considerable time to wait to get into a computer. Even worse, a computer with terrible storage, a slow processor and hardly enough RAM. And then there’s the smartwatch, which is even worse than that.

If, like Jules, you’d like to do something like this just to say you did then you can head on over to the tutorial video and attempt it yourself. The boot-up may take three hours but we suspect that setting up that so-called ‘simple’ operation will take a little longer than that.

Source: Hacking Jules


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