We’re used to strange Samsung products but… a Galaxy Surfboard?


If you’re a surfer then you might appreciate what is so brilliant about the ocean-riding sport. The sound of the ocean, the movement of the waves, the thunk of inlanders as they disappear under your fins (we’re kidding about this one)… oh, and the total lack of technology demanding your attention. Then there’s the Galaxy Surfboard.

If you’re Gabriel Medina, Brazilian pro surfer, then you’ve actually got access to your smart device while in the water. Samsung Brazil have come up with a smartboard in the literal sense – a smart surfboard capable of keeping its rider connected to the shore.

The custom-shaped board conceals one of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 handsets which acts as the brains; and the deck acts as a screen. Notifications, like messages from shore and details about the ocean conditions, can be seen on the top of the Galaxy Surfboard. Like you’re not going to know what the ocean’s up to while sitting in the big blue wobbly thing… though it also features set information, which could be handy.

As a practical gadget, the Galaxy Surfboard isn’t what we’re looking for in a device. As a coaching tool and a way of promoting the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge’s waterproof prowess, though…? That totally works.

Source: Samsung Brazil


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