Light Start: PodRide, Samsung microSD, Bamboo Death Star, and Andromeda delayed


PodRide is a teeny, tiny vehicle that you can back on IndieGoGo

The PodRide, technically, isn’t a car. It’s more like a four-wheel bicycle with a little electric motor. The vehicles is enclosed, letting you ride around while protected from the elements. In the pitch video above, that’s mostly snow. But, if you’re a fan of last-minute backing, you can head to IndieGoGo and support Swede Mikael Kjellman’s extremely cute electric bicycle concept. It’s already backed, with a couple of days still to go, but you could add a bit more cheddar to the top of the pile. Your reward? A discount on one of the PodRide kits, which should retail for somewhere between R30,000 and R60,000. Just… don’t take one on a South African highway or you’ll be picking bits of kit-car er… thing… out of the grille of a truck.

Source: IndieGoGo

Samsung has rolled out its own 256GB monster microSD

Samsung MicroSDSo now we know exactly why Samsung brought the microSD slot back for the Galaxy S7. The company has announced the global rollout (and we all know what that means) of the EVO Plus 256GB microSD card, their own branded high-speed, high-capacity storage expansion. Guess what they want you to use it for? Samsung haven’t given an exhaustive list of the launch countries, which will see the EVO Plus in June this year, but it will retail for a recommended price of around R3,800. Oh, and it’ll have a limited 10-year warrantee.

Source: Samsung

This is how you turn bamboo into the shiniest Death Star we’ve ever seen

May the Fourth has come and gone but there was one item that showed up on the day that we missed. Thankfully, the internet remembers. A man by the name of Frank Howarth decided to make (and film the creation of) a Death Star from bamboo. The project material, composed of several rings of bamboo, was chosen because of the effect that turning the project in a lathe would have. You can see exactly how it was created in the video above. Most carpenters with the correct tools should be able to replicate it once they’re shown the video. As long as you pay for the materials, that is. Just sayin’…

Source: via The Next Web

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been pushed back to 2017

Were you super-keen on Bioware’s space opera sequel, Mass Effect: Andromeda? In that case, we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad tidings. An update on the game’s website last night (see the link below for the full post) confirmed that the title would only be launching in early 2017. The reason given is that, while the game is progressing nicely, “…we need the right amount of time to make sure we deliver everything the game can be and should be – that’s our commitment from all of us to all of you.” It’s a nice sentiment but we still haven’t seen that much from Andromeda just yet so we’re taking them at their word right now. That will change at the EA Play conference, taking place on 12 June, where an update and hopefully some proper gameplay will be revealed.

Source: Mass Effect


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