Sending a GoPro into space at Mach 5.5


What happens when you strap a GoPro Hero 4 to the side of a six-metre SL-10 rocket and launch it into space? If you’re lucky enough to get the multiple-separation shot that these guys did, you’re going to be coming back with some amazing footage.

The launch itself is eye-opening, if nauseating because of just how much spin there is in UP Aerospace Inc.’s rocket as it climbs to its eventual destination 120 kilometres above the surface of the planet. At its peak, the SL-10 hits Mach 5.5, or 6115km/h.

The point of the mission, which launched from Spaceport America, was to test the aerodynamics of the Maraia Capsule on re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. But there’s a moment in the video – which was shot with more than just one GoPro, by the way – that you have to seen. You’ll know it when you see it, too. The actual re-entry? That’s fun too.

Source: GoPro


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