Light Start – Mountain drones, the dead walk, a (real) hoverboard record, and a Lambo Batmobile


Drones, LEDs, music and Mount Fuji – Sounds like the start of a great weekend

We’re fond of the art that is being created with drones, even if said art tends to be of the lights-and-music sort. We were young once, we understand the appeal. This is a bit more traditional though, a choreographed drone-led light show using LEDs – 16,500 of them – and backed by Shamisens, with Japan’s Mount Fuji as a backdrop. Everything was controlled using a DMX512 unit which only ups the achievement factor – tying together lights and music while avoiding hammering drones into one another is impressive enough.

Source: Sky Magic

We’re sure it’s nothing but Bioquark now has clearance to try and reanimate the dead

Resi HDThey had to know the comparisons were coming, right? A biotech company, called Bioquark, Inc, is looking for 20 people who have been declared clinically dead in order to try to revive them. Using science and a little something called the ReAnima project. It’s not as Resident Evil as it sounds though, the subjects they’re looking for – who will be treated in a six-week trial at Anupam Hospital in India and monitored for changes for months afterwards – would have to have limited or no brain function but would have been kept alive by machine. The test is to stimulate these subjects with stem cells, and other nerve stimulation techniques, in an attempt to revitalise their central nervous systems. If positive results are seen, it’ll just be a first step to recovery from massive brain trauma and, possibly, death. At worst, there will be no changes to subjects at all. Unless they wake up feeling… bitey.

Source: The Telegraph via The Next Web

Attention, pretentious two-wheeled pavement menaces: This is how a hoverboard works (and breaks the world distance record)

Remember the Flyboard Air? The hoverboard we weren’t sure could possibly be real? Yeah, that thing’s gone and broken the world distance record for a manned hoverboard flight, with Flyboard Air creator Frank Zapata setting the record himself. The previous world record of 275.9 metres for hoverboard flight distance was set last year. The current record… that’s going to take some beating. Zapata’s flight, which you can see in the video above, totalled 2,252.4 metres at a height of about 50 metres above the water. Because if we were going to fly with a board strapped to our feet, we’d also want an aquatic landing. About those gyro-stabilized laziness-promoters…? You’re going to have a find a new name for those.

Source: Elite Aerials


If a Lambo isn’t enough for you, try the Batmobile Lamborghini Gallardo

When we first saw this Lamborghini Gallardo conversion, which was done for the 2016 Gumball 3000 rally (if you have to ask, you don’t make enough money), we thought that someone had made a fake body and dumped it over the top of the Lambo. That, if you look closely, is not the case. Team Galag, who are been part of the Gumball 3000 for several years, have completely converted the Gallardo body using a custom carbon fibre shell that makes it look like a Nolan-era/Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile. Except that it doesn’t fire missiles and terrify criminals. At least, we don’t think that it does.

Source: The Verge


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