And now, here is Counterstrike running on an Android Wear watch


We’ve seen things running on other things that should never have run the first things in the first place. Think Windows 95 working on a smartwatch and you’re most of the way there. And now there’s a way to get classic shooter Counterstrike 1.6 running on the same device.

It involves using emulation software called Xash3D, which runs in conjunction with a Counterstrike-for-Android add-in called the Android CSClient. The results aren’t very pretty but they work. There are onscreen touch controls on the watch-face which can be navigated but attempting to actually play the game on a screen that small would be an exercise in masochism.

Bennet has a tutorial for getting Counterstrike running on an Android device that doesn’t require fairy fingers but suggests that you use something with more power behind it if you’re going to frag actual opponents in a real deathmatch.

Source: Dave Bennet (YouTube)


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