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STUFF_May_2016_90dpiIt’s strange to think that the television industry could almost be classed as a legacy industry but there’s still a lot of innovation happening in the telebox sphere. What with Netflix launching in South Africa and dragging the local industry screaming into the future, what else can you expect from your TV screen in 2016? We’ve got all the highlights, from the best of Netflix (and what to watch it on) to budget setups and even a little something for the super-rich who just want to enjoy their money in their own personal cinema. This is the Future of TV (and it involves a lot of streaming).

lg_g5_review_main_1Then there’s LG’s take on the smartphone, the LG G5. We always knew that LG wanted to do something different with their phones but we honestly weren’t expecting the modular mayhem that they unleashed on the world with the G5’s launch. Worth your time or waste of time? Find out in the May 2016 issue of Stuff. Also: Stand a chance to win your own G5.

samsung_s7_web8It doesn’t all go LG’s way this month, though. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge is getting a look-in, as does the Galaxy S7. Which one of these benchmark busters deserve to make the bigger dent in your wallet? Well, we happen to have than information. In the May Stuff.

RC3Wait, there’s more? Of course there’s more. We’re good at more. Stuff Magazine‘s May 2016 issue has a selection of the finest entertainment home consoles can provide, including… wait for it… Rugby Challenge 3, the best rugby title you’ve seen since Electronic Arts left the sport in the lurch in 2008. Man, eight years is a long time.

As always, we’re just scratching the surface of what’s in store in the issue that is in stores now. Garmin wearables, vintage cameras (and how to buy them), movie and music reviews (Up the Irons, as they say), camera add-ons for your iPhone, and the FitBit Blaze’s first workout are just a few of the highlights. What are you waiting for? Go and get the May 2016 issue of Stuff Magazine now. Right now. 


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