Light Start – Invisible fingerprints, Rock-ing alarms, luggage that Rolls, and CoD in space


LG have worked out a way to render fingerprint sensors almost invisible

Lg FingerprintHey, if we were going to design a biometric access tool, like a fingerprint reader, then the last thing we’d want it to look like is a fingerprint reader. It’s about more than the aesthetics, too. If it looks like a reader, people will know where to get in. Plus, it spoils the lines of the phone. LG, via their Innotek arm, have announced that they’ve come up with a fingerprint sensor that lives underneath the glass on your phone. The advantages are numerous: Improved waterproofing (not that that’s LG’s thing), an actual invisible sensor or just a thinner handset are all possible with LG’s innovation. And you can expect your next phone to have a biometric sensor soon, estimates are that 1.6 billion fingerprint sensors will be in circulation by 2020. Might as well make yours invisible.

Source: LG

Train like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson with The Rock Clock

Rock ClockBattling to get up in the morning? Let The Rock show you how it’s done with The Rock Clock, a new app from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson which has been designed to motivate you. Users can set their goals and set their alarms, though that first part needs  a little work. The wake-up tones were created by The Rock and users are sent a brief motivational video message by the burly one each day too. You could, if you liked, get up at the same time as The Rock but you’ll need to remember that there’s no snooze button. The Rock doesn’t like it. Grab it free on Android and iOS.

Source: via The Verge

Rolls Royce wants you to get rid of that old bag (and try this shiny new luggage set)

Rolls BagYou can afford a Rolls, right? Yeah, we can’t afford one either. Might as well ask us to show up to work in a British Aerospace Harrier II. Because Rolls made the Pegasus engine for it? Ah, never mind. We’re here to talk about luggage anyway. Rolls Royce luggage, designed to match the Wraith, is now available to the world at large but you’re going to want to be able to afford the Rolls Royce Wraith before you even look at the price tag. That’s because the luggage starts at R610,000 and that price will go up if you want any custom options. Which they’ll happily do for you, if you have the money. Hand-stitched, with leather designed to match the interior of your luxury vehicle… and everyone who worked on the luggage was wearing white gloves. We suddenly kinda get the massive price tag.

Source: Rolls Royce

Call of Duty’s Infinite Warfare is revealed and instantly overshadowed

Call of Duty is back for 2016 with a new setting and a new premise in Infinite Warfare. A surprise attack leads to the world going to war (again), only this time the battles are going to be taking place in space. Because why not? There are a lot of new features coming, from grappling hooks to robotic pals to actually flying a space-capable ship from Earth into space, as well as more roaming abilities. Trouble is that Activision have also confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered with be launching with Infinite Warfare and that’s all that anyone is able to talk about it. Even we were guilty last week by focusing on the Modern Warfare portion of the Call of Duty leak. CoD: Infinite Warfare and its Remastered add-on (that you’ll pay extra to have) will be launching on 4 November this year.

Source: Call of Duty


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