Warcraft’s second trailer will catch you by the ears and swing you around


Here at Stuff we play a lot of video games. It’s part of the job, for one, but it’s also something that we’ve always done. Which means that we’ve seen a lot of movies based on video games, as well as games based on movies. Movie to game almost never works (In the very special case of Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game, it almost destroyed reality – and that was when Capcom was bulletproof) but game to movie… sometimes does. Tomb Raider was okay, Mortal Kombat kinda worked, and we stopped letting Uwe Boll make game movies (his version of BloodRayne wasn’t totally terrible, though).

There’s a point to the mini-history lesson, assuming you haven’t just watched the new Warcraft trailer and bailed. We’re hopeful about this one, which looks as though it’ll be bringing the events of Warcraft III – as many will fit in a movie with Ragnar Lothbrok in it – to the screen in a very watchable format.

Another reason for the hopefulness is that the June launch date will put it in front of eyes just before Blizzard’s World of Warcraft: Legion launch. Considering that Warcraft III, which Warcraft (the film) is based around, involved the Burning Legion, the timing should be just right. As long as the movie is awesome. Which it totally looks like it will be. Even if someone in marketing decided that Prodigy was a good choice for a trailer backing track.


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