Light Start – MacOS, Seat360, Sharp’s RoboHon, and GoPro everywhere


Apple’s OS X could become MacOS, and we’re okay with that

apple-os-x-el-capitan-desktopWhat’s in a name, right? Er… potentially billions upon billions of whatever currency you favour, actually. That’s why Apple so jealously guards the iPhone moniker but there are hints that one of their other products, OS X, might be undergoing a stealth name-change. In the past few months Apple has released files referring to OS X as MacOS instead, a move which might have been a mistake but which several people think indicates a subtle rebranding. Which we’d be okay with, by the way. OS X has historical value, to be sure, but MacOS tells users exactly what they’re looking at and that’s in line with Apple’s simplistic aesthetic. Even if Apple have made changes to the bits that used to read MacOS – you guys didn’t have to do that.

Source: via Ars Technica

Ticket app Rukkus has a 360-degree feature that should become mandatory

Rukkus-Seat360-BasketballWe have good and bad news, with the bad news first. You can’t use this app if you’re a Saffer. The good news? This idea’s going to catch on. Ticket app Rukkus, which is available on Android and iOS, has rolled out a feature that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of. When selecting your seat for a venue, the app will give users a full 360-degree of the view from that particular seat. It’d work with Google Cardboard but it’ll also function just fine with a standard smartphone and it would be just the thing to help you to switch from that seat behind a pillar, before you drop your cash and get to the venue. At present only certain American venues support the feature but more should arrive in time.

Source: via The Next Web

Would you use a smartphone that is also a robot? This is RoBoHoN (and he costs R26,000)

It’s cute, it’s gimmicky, it comes from Japan. It has to be a robotic smartphone. The little guy in the video above is RoBoHoN, a smartphone from Sharp that is also a robot. Of a sort. And it’s up for pre-order if you’re in Japan. RoBoHoN will set you back around 198,000 yen, or R26,000, for an Android 5 smartphone with a 2-inch display, voice recognition (which you have to pay a monthly fee for) and projector-eyes. It’ll also read out your messages while it sits on your desk judging you while you work like some mini-robot overlord. It’s a cute concept but we’ll er… we’ll be skipping this one, thanks. And not just because it’s not available here. Yet. Sharp are reportedly looking at exporting RoBoHoN eventually.

Source: Sharp (YouTube)

GoPro wants to have eyes everywhere with their new Developer Program

goprohero41The GoPro that you know and love (to watch other people doing silly things with) is set to become more of a platform that a simple product line. The company has announced a Developer Program which will see outside companies creating app for the iconic little action-cam as well as mounts and other interesting tidbits. Over 100 partners, including BMW (who are making a lap timer for the cam), Periscope (which is a perfect match) and also kids toy maker Fisher Price, who will be making GoPro mounts for kids toys. GoPro are attempting to expand their reach on the back of flagging sales, something that has happened partly because they’ve made their products too well. Usually you need to lose a GoPro, or run it over with a truck, in order to require a replacement. They don’t often die on their own.

Source: The Verge


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