An early reveal – Amazon’s Kindle Oasis has leaked


Is it real or is it fake? That’s the question that we have to ask about this apparent leak of Amazon’s upcoming Kindle update. It seems that a listing for the device, known as the Kindle Oasis, was prematurely published on China’s Tmall before being yanked. There’s always someone on the internet waiting to catalogue mishaps though (take note, kids), and we’ve got all the specs. Assuming they’re real.

The Oasis is a very unusual design for Amazon’s Kindle lineup but the branding on the cover (below) looks consistent with the company. Then there are the specs. The Kindle Oasis is said to sport a 300ppi display, putting it on even footing with the Kindle Voyage, and the design changes appear optimised for one-handed use. If so, it’s an odd step considering that Amazon dispensed with the page-turning buttons some time before the Paperwhite was a thing.


It should weigh in at about 131 grams and will measure 8.5mm at its thickest point. At its thinnest, just 3.4mm. The case that fits onto the Kindle Oasis will apparently confer twenty months of standby on the device. Even if you’re a very intermittent reader, you should be sorted. Hopes for a waterproof Kindle that works in the bath without being in danger of drowning seem to be dashed, though, as there are no waterproofing or even water-resistance features incoming.

The Kindle Oasis certainly seems to be the real thing. Motherboard notes that Amazon owns the domain, which is one pointer. It could also be an elaborate hoax but we suspect the official reveal has been spoiled on this one. We’re just waiting on pricing and availability now.

Source: via The Verge


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