The iPad Pro 9.7in is available today, from R11 900


Trust Core to do this to us on a Friday. Not that we don’t love surprises but… Anyhow, if you’re itching to get your iPad on and your Air 2 is leaking a little, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now pick up an iPad Pro 9.7in in South Africa.

The newest in fruit tablets can be ordered online today, directly from the iStore, and the device will be available in retail stores as from tomorrow, if you absolutely have to touch it before laying your money down.

As to the cost… well, that’s the thing, isn’t it? The 32GB, WiFi-only iPad Pro 9.7in will set you back R11,900, while scaling up the storage will bump the price, to R14,900 (128GB) and R17,900 (256GB). If you’re after the WiFi + cellular model, then you can expect to pay R14,500 for the 32GB, R17,500 for the 128GB and R20,500 for the 256GB iPad Pro 9.7in.

If you’re after the full range of colours then you might want to wait a while. Not everything will be available at launch.


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