Someone’s gone and built a full-sized Star Wars AT-ST walker


Somewhere there was a great shout, as if millions of voices cried out that they want this AT-ST walker standing in their back yard. Stuff‘s Toby Shapshak is one of those voices. We can’t say that we blame him.

But we digress. Yes, someone has gone and build themselves a full-sized, 27-foot high AT-ST walker from the original Star Wars trilogy. You can tell it’s from the original trilogy because of the blemish on the front. And the build is oddly complete. Using scrap metal, plastic and wood, as well as a lot of paint, the AT-ST has a moveable gun-turret and, yes, sound effects.

It doesn’t walk, though, because if it did it would have been deployed in an actual war-zone by now, but it’s fairly complete otherwise. Even the interior had been constructed, so you’re not just looking at an impressive exterior shell. There are circuit boards and the like inside and bits of the walker are even solar powered. We never realised that the Empire were so ecologically conscious.

The walker first appeared on Imgur when a user, known as Mr. Kernish, noticed the Star Wars replica standing in the distance. He snapped a few shots and only later went up to the house to ask for a closer look. And he got one. And now, so have we.

As to its originator: The builder doesn’t wish to be identified, so Mr. Kernish just refers to him as Kuat. Hey, the man has his own AT-ST walker – he can have whatever he wants. That includes being left alone.

Source: The Verge


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