Huawei P9 pips iPhone 7 to the next mobile milestone with dual cameras


Huawei likes nothing more than to outdo Apple, and it has — apparently — done it once again with the Huawei P9, which has two cameras. Of course, the LG G5 also has two cameras, but they’re two different cameras, one 16MP regular field-of-view model and another 12MP wide-angle FOV. Huawei’s pair of cameras, meanwhile, are designed to shoot one picture, and that’s a first.

p9-7Rumours have been circulating for what feels like an age suggesting the iPhone 7 will have two rear cameras, but the P9 already squeezes a pair of 12-megapixel sensors onto its backside.

This combo isn’t for those often-pointless blurry background effects, but to improve image quality by using two sensors, then combining their image data. One has a black and white sensor, the other a colour one.

The hope is that we’ll get some of the best low-light photos we’ve seen in a phone. Fingers crossed. It has laser focusing as a cherry on top too.

But, yes, if you love nothing more than blurring out the background behind your dog’s beautiful mug, you can do that too.

p9-1Other than this camera rig, the Huawei P9 seems quite a lot like the old P8 from last year. It’s skinny, made of metal, has a 5.2in 1080p screen and a Kirin processor. This time it’s the Kirin 955, an octa-core CPU with performance cores clocked at 2.5GHz, paired-up with 3GB RAM.

There’s a classic Huawei rear-loaded finger scanner too and, new for this model, a USB-C port on the bottom rather than a microUSB one.

Huawei says the P9 will come in four colour variants across the globe, and will be available “soon”.

Also coming in May is a Plus variant, with a bigger 5.5in screen and 64GB storage.


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