What are your Twitter meanderings worth? This tool will tell you just that


So you want to be a Twitter Kardashian, do you? Oh, wait, we read that wrong. So you want to be a social media influencer, do you? For the uninitiated, a social media influencer is someone on social media that other people listen to. And it’s possible to be paid for that, apparently. The question is: How much money can you pull down per tweet?

Social marketplace Webfluential, who totally coincidentally will also provide you with a platform to make said money, have released an online tool that will tell you how much you could conceivably charge per tweet to influence the thinking of your own batch of Twitter followers.

Twitter ToolThe result, as a cash total per tweet, is based on number of followers as well as geo-data and other unspecified algorithms but in order to get a money total you’re going to need at least 500 followers. Webfluential, in their attempt to also convince you to sign up for their various services, will also offer advice to those under the 500 follower mark to grow their er… followers.

So if you fancy yourself a social media guru, now is your chance to put your tweeting where your mouth is. Or just sit quietly, knowing the value of your tweets without selling out. Your call.


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