When does a Samsung Gear S2 cost R221,000?


Want to buy a Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch? Expect to pay, in South Africa, in the region of R5,000 for the wristwear. Have a monster-sized wallet that can take more of a beating? You can pay more than 4000% more for one of Samsung’s watches if you like.

GearS2 Special EdNo, seriously. The Samsung Gear S2 De Grisogono Edition will set you back about $15,000, or more than R221,000, even though you’re paying for the same smartwatch hardware as the plain ole R5,000 version.

There’s very obviously a difference, though. Hint: It’s not the smartwatch bits. The Gear S2 De Grisogono Edition is primarily a piece of jewellery. The bezel is constructed from gold and features over 100 diamonds, so only the preternaturally wealthy need apply.  Even so, stocks are limited – De Grisogono will only be making 100 of these and they’ll be launching later this year.

The company obviously believes that the design speaks for itself. The promo video doesn’t make any noise – it lets the visuals do the talking.

Source: via SamMobile


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