Still rocking BlackBerry 10? Prepare to switch to a web-based Facebook


First it was WhatsApp, then Facebook (same thing) announced that BlackBerry 10 would not be getting any more support in terms of, you know, having an actual app. The day has come for the latter, as 31 March is the final day that Facebook’s app will function on BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry OS.

All is not lost for the socially-networked BlackBerry user. Sort of. There’s still going to be an app, of sorts. BlackBerry said in a blog post that “…we have worked hard with Facebook to address some technical challenges and the best solution was to move forward with a Web-based app.” Except if you have the Priv (above). That BlackBerry runs Android and won’t be demolished by tomorrow’s app shutdown.

So you can expect to have all the features that web-based Facebook has, which is actually an improvement over the previous BB experience. Not quite as convenient as an app, perhaps, but BlackBerry users should also find that their phone batteries will start to last longer, according to Engadget. That’s something, right?

Source: Inside BlackBerry via Engadget


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