Light Start – Samsung leaks Galaxy S7 Active, 4K PS4, the Mars flying speaker, and Lego Batman


Samsung leaks their Galaxy S7 Active via app

samsung_s7_web3We’ve seen it. Sorta. We haven’t ‘seen it’ seen it but we’ve seen that Samsung have made a mistake with their Samsung Level app which has outed the existence of a Galaxy S7 Active. So it’s on its way. For those of you just returning from your  five-year Tibetan lack-of-communications retreat, the Active series is a flagshippy take on Samsung’s phones but with additional protection, meaning you can take something high-end onto a building site and not give your insurance company constant heart failure. We’ve yet to encounter specs for the Galaxy S7 Active but now that its existence has been made known, expect those details to follow soon.

Source: via SamMobile

We could see a 4K-capable PlayStation 4 ahead of the PlayStation VR launch

4K PS4Talk of a 4K-capable PlayStation 4 from Sony has been going around almost since before the original console launched but the conversation is ramping up. The word, on the Wall Street (Journal), is that we’ve see a more powerful PlayStation 4, dubbed the PlayStation 4.5, arrive before the expected launch of PlayStation VR. That’s supposed to happen in October 2016, so we might see more power to the PS4 beforehand. And that power would supposedly be bringing 4K resolutions to PlayStation games, rather than just letting you play back 4K video, which is a lot easier to do than letting you render graphics from disc and drive. We’ve got our ears so close to the ground on this one that earthworms think we’re dead.

Source: The Next Web

It’s not the same as seeing a UFO but we’ll take the Mars levitating speaker for now

Bluetooth speakers. Big whoop, right? If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. So now companies like CrazyBaby are making them fly, just to get our attention. Meet the Mars levitating Bluetooth speaker, which floats above its subwoofer base and projects 360-degree audio around a room like a little green man searching for something to probe. It’s got other functions too, like a magnetic base, basic waterproofing in the floating unit and the ability to use it as a speakerphone – because nothing spices up an office meeting like some floating tech. If you want one, they’re up for pre-order on Amazon – Just $330, or R5,110 will get you a maglev speaker of your very own.

Source: CrazyBaby (YouTube)

And now, Lego Batman will talk about his feelings for a few minutes

Okay, okay, so that other movie featuring Batman, despite making a metric ton of cash, might not be the best thing since sliced bread. Thankfully you’ve got another shot at it, with the Lego Batman film – which has been shot in the same vein as the Lego Movie, releasing next year. Why would you want to watch such a film? Why wouldn’t you? Nab the trailer above (or below, depending on your pagan affiliation) to see just why you should experience a hilarious motion picture made with digital Lego. Just… watch out for Batman’s incredible reflexes.

Source: Warner Bros. (YouTube)


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