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STUFF_April_2016_90dpiIt’s the showdown you’ve been waiting for – the best of Android (so far) versus Apple’s heavyweight contender. That’s right, we’re stacking the iPhone 6S against five different Droids in a supertest for the ages. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+, LG’s V10 (which you’ll have to import), the Nexus 6P, Microsoft’s Lumia 950 XL and the Huawei Mate 8 all try to take a bite out of Apple. See how that went in the April 2016 issue of Stuff Magazine

Yes, the hinges are supposed to look like this. Pretty, right?

We’re not about to tease you with a single big test and not follow it with something equally weighty. Like, say, another group test of gaming notebooks. Sound good? It better, it left the Stuff team in an XCOM 2-induced coma for days. High-end hardware from HP, Acer, Asus, and MSI grace this month’s pages.

XCOM 2 HeadSpeaking of XCOM 2, we’ve got that review within the pages of April 2016’s humble offering. Also the primitive Far Cry Primal, a going-over of Street Fighter V, as well as Jonathan Blow’s new (and almost financially ruinous) title The Witness. Your gaming for the month? Sorted. Oh, and we preview Dangerous Golf and Homefront: The Revolution.

BMW 7 Series HeadPhones, games, how about some cars next? We’ve got a fine selection of road worriers in the April 2016 Stuff, including the Volvo XC90 (much impress, wow), BMW’s new 7 Series, and a handful of the more experimental four-wheeled wonders, such as McLaren’s MP4-X (which isn’t related to the submachine gun or the digital media format families at all). Vroom!

Have we forgotten anything? Lots, actually, but you’ll find all of it in the April 2016 issue of Stuff Magazine. Speakers, wireless cans, power tools, sky surfing, wearable tech, how to create your own monster gaming PC, and much much more awaits. Grab it in all good stores or snag a digital version right now. 


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