Light Start – PlayStation VR priced, Samsung thrillers, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars VR


We waited and it came – Sony prices the PlayStation VR

playstation_vrThe third major virtual reality headset, making up the last of the Oculus-Vive-PlayStation trinity, has finally has pricing and availability announced. Sony will be bringing the PlayStation VR to market in October this year, though there will likely be a delay getting it in stores here at home. It’ll cost you $399 (around R6,400) if you’re Stateside but they never add bloody sales tax so a look at the European price, which comes in closer to R7,000, is about what you’ll pay here at home. Expect it to cost as much as a PlayStation 4 — and you’ll need a PlayStation camera to get it all working. Keep that in mind when budgeting this year.

Source: Sony Blog

Samsung VR presentation Gone is going to blow your hair back

samsung-gear-vr-strapsVirtual reality is set to change the way we experience media, from websites to movies. Gone, a missing-person mystery thriller from The Walking Dead‘s creators, is just a taste of where we’re heading. We’ve known about Gone for some time but the serialised series for Samsung’s Milk VR service has had some play-time at SxSW with the creators talking about how it was made and how it will be watched. Viewers will be able to look around the setting, picking up clues, hints, and so-called hot-spots where they can zoom in and take a closer look at items of interest. How will this change movies? You should get more involved, for one.

Source: via The Next Web

Indiana Jones to return 2019, with Harrison Ford in the lead role

Crystal SkullHe belongs in a museum! Actually, we’re okay with another Indiana Jones flick starring long-time hero Harrison Ford but we couldn’t pass up using the line. Disney have announced that a new Indy film is on the way, starring Ford and directed by Steven Spielberg. The launch date for the film is 19 July 2019, which is oddly specific, but no other specifics are been given. Hopefully we don’t get another Crystal Skull but there are no other actor mentions yet. Nor are there any glass aliens or Lovecraft-like madmen. At least, we hope not.

Source: The Verge

Live the Jedi life in the Star Wars VR presentation for HTC Vive

What a time to be a Star Wars fan. A new film, which was so far from the first of the prequels that it couldn’t poke them with a long pole, hit theatres recently, followed by Star Wars: Battlefront, an online experience that puts you on the ground in some of the best-looking digital Star Wars environments ever. And now, the obligatory Star Wars VR experience, which will be launching for the HTC Vive. You can catch the teaser above for Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine, and hopefully there’s a fuller-featured experience on the way to boot. But they should probably chat to Electronic Arts about borrowing the Frostbite engine for this one.

Source: Road to VR


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