Fossil unveils two more Android Wear watches, the Q Wander and Marshal


Fossil came a bit late to the smartwatch party, only launching its first Android Wear device – the Q Founder – in November, but the company isn’t content to stick with just one.

Today, Fossil unveiled a pair of new Android Wear models that tweak the earlier design, offering new styles and sizes, not to mention a slimmer shape for both. The Q Wander and Q Marshal deliver the same basic functionality, since it’s an identical OS running everything, but vary significantly in look and build.

The Q Marshal (above) opts for a larger 46mm case, although it’s a bit smaller on the wrist than last year’s Q Founder. Fossil says the Marshal has a “rugged case,” and as the image shows, it also has a unique design around the face. Photos show both leather and stainless steel strap options.

fossil-q-wanderMeanwhile, the Q Wander makes a play for female wrists, as Fossil’s chief creative officer Jill Elliott explained to Racked, with a smaller 44mm case, a multi-finish design (available with gold and black colours) and a thin, interchangeable leather strap.

Both watches also come with a new, slimmer wireless charger, but despite the various enhancements and tweaks to the models, they still appear to have a partially blacked-out screen, much like the Motorola Moto 360. Still, if you like Fossil styling and want an Android Wear watch to pair with your Android phone or iPhone, additional options can’t hurt.

The Fossil Q Wander and Q Marshal will both be available later this year at a price of $275 (about R4,400). Just a few days ago, Fossil unveiled the Q Motion, a Misfit Ray-like fitness wearable with a stylish design and a $95 (nearly R1,520) price tag. That one is due out later this year.

Source: Fossil


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