What’s in a Galaxy S7? A whole lot of pieces, like these


This is a sight you never, ever want to come home to see. A brand-new Galaxy S7 exploded apart, as though someone with a small screwdriver and a lot of patients wanted to cost you far too much money. But in this case the exploded view is from Samsung themselves and we’re pretty sure they’ve got a rejects bin somewhere… they can probably afford to do away with a single phone.

Galaxy S7 ExplodedA single of each of their newest handsets, actually. Samsung have done their own teardown of the Galaxy S7 and of the Galaxy S7 Edge. There’s a lot of marketing hyperbole in the full post (at the link below), talk of the “brilliance and crystal-clear images” of the S7’s display and so on but they largely have a (very adjective-pumped) point. The S7 and S7 Edge have some stellar components. And you can see ’em from the inside, if you wish.

Samsung have detailed the handset pair’s waterproofing, the strength-conferring bracket, and the camera sensors/microSD slot/HRM sensor, going right down to the speakers and battery. Of particular interest is the cooling solution, which entails a fluid-filled heat pipe (don’t panic, it’s fine) sending warmth to a thermal spreader. The solution should ensure that your fingers remain unscorched while the phone is in use.

Source: Samsung


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