Light Start – Fossil Q Motion, illegal trolls, Thumper, and Cap is back


Fossil’s first post-Misfit wearable is the sleep-tracking Q Motion

Fossil QFossil jumped into the wearables market by snapping up Misfit, the company with a talent for gorgeous smart wristwear, and the watch-maker have announced their first post-purchase device. Known as the Fossil Q Motion, s band that bears a resemblance to the Misfit Ray. It’s also a first for Fossil, as the Q Motion adds in one very special feature — for them, anyway. Sleep tracking. You’d think that would have appeared a while ago but no, it’s new. LEDs, a vibrating motor and Smart Tap, which allows you to interact with your smartphone are also features of the Q Motion, so it’s not like they just added sleep smarts and called it a day. The Fossil Q Motion will be making an appearance at this year’s SXSW, with a launch later this year.

Source: via Ars Technica

It may soon be a bad time to be a troll in the UK

TrollFaceIt’s been a risk being an internet troll (one who attempts to annoy, upset, or destroy people because they think it’ll be funny) in the UK for some time, with jail time being a real possibility if you are found out and caught. Or if someone uses a vague law to prosecute some dimbulb with a social media account. But it could soon get worse. Internet trolling – which in the right hands can be elevated to an art form – could soon be lumped in with hate crime, revenge porn, identity theft and online harassment (among other unpleasant things) as “digital crime”. Meaning that you could go to jail for repeatedly insulting someone’s moronic opinions on how taxes are levied (or mocking their religion, or any number of other trollish things). Because the UK has such a splendid track record of passing useful, meaningful laws of late.

Source: via The Next Web

Thumper is going to be Audiosurf for your virtual reality headset

Thumper. Could be a rabbit, could be a game. As it happens, it’s a title in the vein of Audiosurf, except that it is apparently a ‘rhythm hell’ title. Expect the need for fast reactions and a lot of neon, as well as a very explicit epilepsy warning. Especially if you play it in VR, as Thumper is going to be coming to the PlayStation VR, to Steam (so the HTC Vive and the Oculus). When will it arrive. Er… we’ve got no idea. Probably closer to the time the PlayStation VR launches. Too bad we’ve only got a 2016 release date for both of them. That should change soon.

Source: DROOL

Soon it’ll be time for your friendly neighbourhood Civil War. Looks like fun

If you were on Twitter last night then you know how this video ends. The second trailer for Captain America: Civil War has landed and so has someone else. You either already know or you’re going to want to so we won’t dwell on it any longer. As for the rest: Marvel Entertainment are still taking liberties on the very complicated original Civil War story arc but that’s understandable. Marvel haven’t got the movie backstory to execute the original story. Even so, Cap vs. Stark is shaping up to be an epic battle. Roll on May.

Source: Marvel Entertainment


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