This is what the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge will cost you today from Vodacom


Hey, why are you still at work? Why aren’t you standing in line at a Vodacom store? Why? Because Samsung and Vodacom have launched the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge onto the market. But it’s not an Apple device so no queues, or coverage of queues. Lame.

galaxy-s7_overview_kvWhat can you expect to pay for the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge? Vodacom have detailed a couple of prices for their 24-month Smart Plan.

Phone fans can, right now, shell out R599 for the Galaxy S7 on a 24-month Smart Plan from Vodacom. Or you can opt for a R699 Smart Plan payment and the Galaxy S7 Edge. Vodacom are hoping to make the contract deals more attractive by offering users an addition 6GB of data, a choice between a D-Link speaker or a wireless charger (we’d go for the charger, ourselves) and then six months of free access to music streaming service Deezer. Wait, people still use Deezer?

Conspicuously absent from the official release is the pre-paid price. If you recall, last year the off-contract S6 and S6 Edge pricing was a little… heart-stopping. The actual cost this year isn’t quite as wrenching, even with all the Rand shenanigans of late. The Galaxy S7 will set you back R13,200 in cash, the S7 Edge ups that number to R15,000.


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