The Assassin’s Creed movie will be trialling game-style pre-order bundles


Ubisoft have always been interested in trying new things but their latest… could actually work. It’s certainly an interesting experiment. The company is, with merch company Kernel, offering what are essentially pre-order movie ticket bundles in the States for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed film. So what, right?

Assassins CreedThe price, that’s what. The ticket bundles range in price from $15 (R230) to $1,200 (R18,270), which seems excessive for a movie ticket. But it’s what you’re getting with the ticket that matters.

The $1,200 bundle nets Assassin’s Creed fanatics one of 20 limited edition crossbow prop replicas (below), which is hand-made and modelled on the crossbow used in the film. Yeah, we can picture a few patrons salivating over that.

7_crossbowAt the bottom end of the scale ($15) is an LED watch and temporary tattoo bundle, which comes with a film ticket, but moviegoers can also secure a T-shirt ($25), a hidden-blade replica ($60), a hoodie ($100), or a statue ($500) as part of their ticket purchases. Or, you know, eschew the extras and just get a bloody ticket for Assassin’s Creed when it launches on 21 December this year.

Like we said, it’s an interesting experiment, one which could lead to similar offers being made for other films in future. It just depends on viewer response and it looks like Ubi aren’t taking much of a risk here either way. Sadly, the offer is only going to be taking place in the States. We would have been okay with getting in on some of this.

Source: Ubisoft


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