Ford thinks you might one day use your car as a mobile entertainment centre


What, you don’t watch movies while driving? Of course you don’t, because natural selection dictates that people who imbibe motion pictures while in motion won’t survive long enough to reproduce. Nature’s really rather neat that way but Ford are about to pervert the natural order in yet another way.

The motor company has been busy, filing a patent for an Autonomous Vehicle Entertainment System. The patent describes an in-car entertainment system which can be watched by a driver when a vehicle is being driven autonomously — essentially turning your car into a moving movie theatre. Quite literally, as media would be projected into the space where the windshield usually is.

FORDPATENTThe patent makes concessions to the idea that passengers will sometimes have to pay attention to the road, with a “…second display [being activated]when the vehicle is operating in a non-autonomous mode.” So you can, you know, see the road.

If Ford’s in-car movies are to come to fruition, however, we’re got a few things to sort out. Self-driving cars need to be near-ubiquitous and far smarter than they are now or we won’t even see the accident coming. And we’ll also have to train ourselves not to panic when we can’t see out the front of the car while it is in motion. That should be fun in itself.

Source: via The Next Web


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