The world’s fastest street-legal EV tops out at 300km/h


Electric vehicles are attractive enough (some of them, anyway) but that doesn’t mean we’ll object to a conversion from gas-car to EV, especially when the conversion results in the fastest road-level electric vehicle in the world. For now.

That’s the story with the Genovation GXE, which began life as a 2007 Z06 Corvette before being converted to electronics. Electronics with more than 700HP of output. The GXE has scooped up the title of the world’s fastest street-legal electric vehicle, according to the International Mile Racing Association. If you want to see just how fast it has managed to go, you can see the music-backed run in the video above.

The Genovation Corvette tops out at 186.8 miles per hour, which works out to 300km/h. Give or take. Let’s be clear, there are faster electric vehicles out there but they’re either track or prototype models. Plus, they’re not using a six-speed manual gearbox to control the electric engine. Especially unnerving is the lack of engine noise — we keep expecting to hear a growl from the Corvette chassis instead of that high-pitched jet-whine.



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