Expect LG’s G5 to launch in SA on 15 April


Ever since we first (officially) saw LG’s G5 handset at this year’s Mobile World Congress, we’ve been keen to get our hands on it. That’d be the modular nature of the phone, one of the largest changes to a major flagship smartphone that we’ve seen in…. years? Yeah, let’s call it years.

LG G5 zoomThe chance to fiddle with the G5 in the flesh (and stop Craig’s bragging rights in their tracks) is coming soon. LG South Africa have said that we’ll see the G5 in SA come 15 April, which is just a tad longer than a month away. Unfortunately they haven’t given us what we wanted most — a price for their modular model.

When it does land, however, you’ll have a 5.3in QHD, Snapdragon 820-toting, dual-rear-camera-featuring (16MP and 8MP) smartphone capable of transforming, thanks to a removable base which can fit various accessories, into something more than just a smartphone. We wonder what those add-ons will cost…


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