PS4 remote play heading to the PC with next firmware update


Pretty soon, having to give up the TV won’t mean putting down the PS4 – even if you don’t have a PS Vita or PlayStation TV.

Sony’s working on bringing its second screen Remote Play mode to the PC, and it should arrive with the next big firmware update.

Right now, you can stream gameplay to a PS Vita handheld or PlayStation TV media player, but that’s not very helpful if you don’t own one.

Microsoft’s Xbox One lets you beam console footage to any Windows 10 PC – something you’re much more likely to have unless you’re a die-hard Sony fan.

It’s not clear if you’ll have to download a Windows app in order to start streaming; Sony hasn’t gone into details yet, and probably won’t until v3.50 is nearing release.

v3.50 will include other long-awaited features, like getting notified whenever friends come online, and the ability to set yourself as offline in case you want to avoid that one guy who constantly sends you Destiny raid invites.

You’ll be able to set scheduled events, like a game session with friends, with specific players added to your party automatically. You’ll be able to see what each Party member is playing, too, so you can join in or start a new game.

There’s no set date for firmware v3.50 to arrive. Sony will start beta testing features from tomorrow, but Remote Play won’t be included – you’ll just have to wait for the full release.


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