Light Start – Google’s first crash, electric skateboarding, the Centenario, and Hololens pre-orders


Google’s self-driving car has has its first accident, it’s still no big deal

Google CarsOne of Google’s self-driving cars had its first accident earlier this month. On Valentine’s Day, to be specific. The collision? The converted Lexus ran into a bus. But when you put it like that, it sounds so… so… brutal. Google’s self-driving car, according to the accident report, was attempting to get around sandbags that had been left in the road. A bus was approaching which probably should have let Google’s car change lanes but that was not to be. There was no wreckage, however, as the Lexus was travelling at 3km/h at the time. The bus was moving at about 25km/h. Hardly a candidate for World’s Most Explosive Car Wrecks or whatever they’re calling it on TV now.

Source: California DMV accident report

Wait, there’s a world record for fastest speed on an electric skateboard?

Yes. Yes there is. And if you watch the video above, the first thing you’ll see is what happens when you come off an electric skateboard at high speed. That caught your attention, didn’t it? Thought it might. The new speed record holder, using a NEXTboard prototype (basically a longboard with an electric motor), has reached a top speed of 95. 83km/h. Which isn’t that quick in the grand scheme of things. If this were a downhill run we’d be impressed but not unduly so. But since rider Mischo Erban did it on the flat, we’re surprised that there wasn’t more of a scraping sound behind him while he was riding. Still, if you’re up for an easy-seeming record attempt, here’s your shot. Hope you have good medical aid.

Source: Guinness World Records

This is the Lamborghini Centenario,  leaked ahead of its official announcement

CentenarioWanna feel old? Lamborghini, the other Italian supercar manufacturer, is approaching its centennial. Yup, it’s been around for 100 years. Rather their founder has, as he was born 100 years ago. They’ve got something special cooked up for his birthday, in the form of the Centenario. This is a vehicle which hasn’t been officially detailed but it’ll likely cost you more that $2.5 million to own one. And there will only be 40 made, so good luck with that. A V12 engine, like that found in the Aventador, and 0 to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds? Yeah, we’re going to need a bigger bank loan. In the meantime, this is what the Centenario will look like. Expect some rich twit to crash one on camera soon.

Source: Road and Track

The Hololens is up for pre-order, with delivery end March, if you have the cash

HololensSo you fancy yourself a developer, do you? Think you can run with the big boys? Then you won’t mind dropping $3,000 (R47,550) for a Hololens dev kit, will you? Actually, some of you might be okay with that. Which is cool, as Microsoft have finally put the Hololens up for pre-order (at the link below). It’ll cost you a small second-hand car, plus shipping and import duties, but you’ll be the first person to have your own AR headset. Why would you want one? We don’t know, app development, bragging rights, hiding it behind a steel door… there are tons of uses. Plus, AR games.

Source: Microsoft


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