Light Start: Sony VR control, WhatsApp cancellations, battery supercar, and Dragon Front


Patent application gives us some idea of how you might be interacting with VR

playstation_vrVirtual reality is cool and all but having a new visual technology without having a corresponding change to how we control our media seems like a bit of a waste. Sony’s thought of that and they’ve got a new patent application which offers some ideas on how we might all want to interact with virtual worlds. And the idea is an old one. Sony has, according to a USPTO document, suggested a “Glove Interface Object”, which is an idea so 80s that we’re expecting Caucasian ninjas to drop from the ceiling at any moment. Seriously though, the interface would allow users to use several gestures in VR-space, which would control the experience as a whole. Haptic feedback through the glove to the user might also be a thing. However, since this is an application and not a working product, we might never actually see it working. Even if we really, really wanted to. Still, its nice to know that people are thinking of new control methods for VR.

Source: via The Next Web

WhatsApp ceasing support for BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and old Android

WhatsAppYour operating system might be a little stuffed if WhatsApp, one of the most widely used messaging platforms on the planet (and which just turned 7 years old, by the way) decides to end support for it. Once you’ve gotten through that convoluted sentence, it’s indeed true: BlackBerry, including BB10, will soon see zero support from WhatsApp. They’re not alone in this regards, older Android OSes, like 2.1 and 2.2, certain Nokia Symbian installations, and Windows Phone 7.1 also have their WhatApp support on the chopping block come end 2016. It’s just that BlackBerry 10 is the newest operation system on this list. Ouch. According to the service, “If you use one of these affected mobile devices, we recommend upgrading to a newer Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone before the end of 2016 to continue using WhatsApp.”

Source: WhatsApp

How fast can (and should) a battery-powered car go?

VBB-1-980x653We believe in asking the important questions. Why are we here? Does it come in black? Why is the rum always gone? And, of course, just how fast can we expect an electric car to travel? The VBB-3 (Venturi Buckeye Bullet-3) has kind of an answer to that last one. Around 645km/h (400mph) sounds about right in the case of the land-speed recording chasing vehicle. The vehicle has been designed by the Ohio State University and Venturi and they’re aiming to break the world land-speed record for a battery-powered vehicles at the Bonneville salt flats. Once they get the electric motors installed inside this beast to output 3,000hp, that is. If you are keen on a fuller rundown of the engine tech, you’ll find it all laid out at the link below.

Source: Ars Technica

Dragon Front is what collectible card games on the Oculus Rift will aspire to be

We’ll be very honest, collectible card games can go one of two ways – awesome or terrible. We’re hoping for awesome in this upcoming Oculus exclusive because Dragon Front, a CCG which is conducted in virtual reality, looks like an actual blast to play. Sadly the trailer above doesn’t give us much idea of what the game’s balance will be like but if it prove as addictive as other, similar, titles then Dragon Front has a few new fans on the way. We’ll know for sure just how good the game is when it launches in the latter half of 2016. Other, more established games will likely follow suit, copying the presentation and control method if nothing else. We’re okay with that too. Gwent, please.

Source: Oculus


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