Flashlights at the ready – Alan Wake might be making a comeback


Remedy Entertainment is just about to launch Quantum Break, but the developer might already be gearing up for its next project.

According to a new trademark filing, we can soon expect a new entry in the Alan Wake series.

alan_wakeThe trademark, which was discovered by Neogaf user Ekim, shows that Remedy now owns the rights to Alan Wake’s Return – presumably an as-yet unannounced sequel to the Xbox 360 original.

That title could be a reference to the end of Alan Wake’s The Writer DLC, where the author writes a book named “Return”.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard this name, either: Remedy registered www.alanwakereturns.com last year, albeit using the proxy it has used for other websites in the past.

Alan Wake was a supernatural single player adventure that broke the mould from the action blockbuster Max Payne series.

Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake (otherwise known as the face of Max Payne) has always said he’d be interested in returning to the series.

Polygon even got its hands on some prototype footage, before the game was scrapped in favour of Quantum Break.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, and Remedy will probably stay silent until after Quantum Break has launched, but seeing how every Quantum Break pre-order will ship with a backwards-compatible version of the original Alan Wake, a sequel is looking likely.

We’ve got our fingers crossed we’ll soon be picking up Alan Wake‘s flashlight for a second time.


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