Light Start – Memory improvement, YouTube blur, Netflix 3D Touch, and more Resi remakes


Your next smartphone will have 256GB of storage – Samsung thinks you want it

256GBTo be fair Samsung, we do want 256GB of storage in our smartphones. We just don’t want to pay for it. The prices should be coming down a little, however, as Samsung have started mass-production of 256GB UFS 2.0 (Universal File Storage) modules. These little chips, like the ones you see here, have been designed for smartphones while remaining as speedy as possible. You probably won’t see them in any devices coming out before July 2016 but towards the end of the year and in early 2017? Yeah, 8GB and 16GB storage handsets are going to be a thing of the past very soon now.

Source: Samsung

So you filmed something you shouldn’t have? YouTube’s here to help

vid_5We’ve all been there. Okay, maybe its just us. You get some high quality footage but, say, there’s something inconvenient in the background. An alien spaceship landing on Earth is taking all the attention from your brilliant selfie video montage, perhaps. YouTube won’t force you to reshoot, all you need to do is blur out the offending extra-terrestrials using a new tool that the video upload service is busy launching. It’ll make your uploads a tab tougher but YouTube will let you draw a box over whatever you want to blur, and it’ll even intelligently follow your target for a while. Users can decide when to blur, for how long and also whether said box has to change size over time. Sounds… oddly useful.

Source: via The Next Web

Browsing Netflix on your iPhone? Shame on you. Also, you have 3D Touch support now

Netflix HeaderWe’re spoken about this, haven’t we? Your binge-watching has become somewhat of a problem. It’s not enough that you’re on your tablet or smart TV, now you’re taking in series on your smartphone as well? That’s awful. Unless you have a newer iPhone with 3D touch — Netflix have just released an update for iOS which gives you the power of 3D Touch at your fingertips. It’ll give you a preview or let you launch a movie or show, as well as add something to your ever-growing list of stuff to watch. Changes for the iPad Pro, which is getting an improved layout, are also in the new Netflix update.

Source: 9to5Mac

Capcom really are the Re-Masters of the Universe – Resi 4, 5, and 6 are headed to PS4, Xbox One

Capcom are resurrected some of their older zombie titles, which will soon be remastered and shambling around on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Gee, we wonder where they got that idea from. The updated titles are the latest in a long line of remasters from Capcom and that’s… almost okay. Resi 4 on PS4 would be welcome, at any rate. The releases are going to go backwards though – Resident Evil 6 first, in March this year, with Resident Evil 5 showing up before they bring Resi 4 back from the dead before the end of the year. Er… cool?

Source: Capcom


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