What do Mini, spies, and virtual reality have in common?


If you’ve been thinking about getting your hands on a cardboard virtual reality headset, it’s time to get yourself over to a Mini dealership. There are over 140,000 free Mini Virtual Reality Cardboard Viewers (minus the handful that Stuff has already pillaged) available at dealerships around the world. Think of it as your easy in to the world of virtual reality. There’s a reason for this.

The motor vehicle company has gone all-in on VR, producing two VR/Cardboard compatible shorts (below) which were filmed in Barcelona and which involve a spy tale. The exterior shots were done with a custom setup of nine RED Dragon cameras, with seven GoPro units being used for vehicle interior footage. The point is to promote… Mini in general, actually. They’ve likely got plans afoot to feature their vehicles in similar presentations as well, since some of the ‘bonus features’ involve the actors playing with Mini Connected infortainment systems. .

If you already have a Cardboard or a Mini Viewer then check out Real Memories and Backwater, two six-minute (approximately) presentations from Mini, below. Or, you know, click around the videos with your mouse in a browser. It’s not quite the same, however.


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