microSD support all but confirmed with latest Galaxy S7 leak


With Mobile World Congress just around the corner, the leaks just keep on coming. The Galaxy S7 is the latest victim, having been pictures (and videoed) in the flesh ahead of an official reveal.

After official videos dropped hints about waterproofing, this latest leak (courtesy of Android Authority) pretty much confirms that the S7 will be getting microSD card support, thanks to a two-in-one SIM card tray.

Samsung had to ditch microSD cards for the Galaxy S6 because of how Android Lollipop dealt with external storage. Marshmallow does things differently, combining external and internal storage into one lump without taking a performance hit.

It’ll be great news for anyone that doesn’t want to spend top dollar on their smartphone if they don’t need a lot of storage at launch, but might eventually fill up with music or photos later.

Otherwise, the leaked pictures line up with what we’ve heard on the grapevine about the S7; it’s got a slightly revised design over the S6, with 2.5D glass like the iPhone 6, a metal frame and slightly elongated home button/fingerprint sensor.

It’s difficult to tell from the pics whether the rear camera will sit flat to the phone now, or if it will stick out slightly like the Galaxy S6. The glass back still looks like a fingerprint magnet, just like it was on last year’s phone.

It looks like Samsung is sticking with microUSB rather than switching to USB-C, too.

The brief video shows off the latest version of Touchwiz for the first time, complete with Flipboard integration and custom icons. It all looks super smooth in motion, so there’s little doubt the S7 is going to be a beast specs-wise.

Android Authority‘s source says the S7 has a 12MP rear camera with larger-than-usual pixels (like the Nexus 6P) for better low-light snaps, an IP67 or IP68 waterproof rating and a 2800mAh battery – not the 3000mAh cell we were expecting. No word on what processor was inside the phone though.

It’s possible Samsung’s still got a surprise or two in the works, but with just a few days to go until the official announcement, you should have a pretty good idea by now if the S7 is going to be your next phone.


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