LG’s G5 Magic Slot apparates online ahead of MWC


OK, if this turns out to be real, we’re a whole lot more excited for the G5 than we were a few days ago.

LG’s upcoming flagship had been rumoured to have a unique slot-in upgrade system for quite a while, but a new leak suggests the crazy thing might actually be real.

lg-g5-moduleAndroid Authority shared the image yesterday, saying that while it had been edited to protect the source, it was indeed a photo of a genuine G5.

It’s calling the add-in system Magic Slot, with the photo showing a gold G5 hooked up to a mysterious silver plug-in module. It could be a battery pack for extending your life away from the mains, but the buttons and dials point to the add-in being a way to put camera controls in easier reach.

Without a lens of its own it doesn’t look like the module will replace the G5’s camera, but it could be a great addition if it puts a dedicated shutter button and scroll wheel for changing shutter speeds right next to your fingers.

The leaked image also confirms a dual-camera setup and fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, along with power and volume buttons that have been moved to the side.

It’s exciting to think that LG’s actually got something new and unique in the pipeline for MWC next week, and it could be the edge the G5 needs to beat Samsung’s Galaxy S7 in the desirability stakes.

We’ll be getting a closer look on Sunday at LG’s press conference, so make sure to check back and get all the news once it’s official.


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