Leaked Huawei P9’s dual cameras are focused on MWC


You’d almost think there was some kind of global phone show happening soon, what with all the leaks that are popping up all over the net this week.

Huawei’s the latest victim, with renders of the upcoming P9 appearing on Chinese blogging site Weibo.

The flagship phone stands out for one big reason other than the hot pink colour; it’s got a dual-lens, dual-12MP sensor camera sensor setup on the back.

It’s been rumoured for a while now that dual-sensor cameras were going to be the next big thing for phones, with Sony, LG and even Apple expected to use the tech at some point this year.

Huawei’s no stranger to trying to beat Apple to the punch when it comes to features rumoured for September’s iPhone launch, either; the Ascend P7 got a sapphire screen edition when everyone thought Apple was going going to do the same for the iPhone 6.

It looks like Huawei’s trying something similar here, but it’s not clear what benefits two cameras will have in a phone; it could add better zoom abilities, depth-of-field effects, or quality bumps by combining two snaps together.

huawei_p9_coloursOtherwise, the P9 looks set to retain Huawei’s rear-facing fingerprint sensor, with the twin camera sensors bumped to the top of the phone alongside a dual LED flash.

There was talk about a P9 premium edition getting twin cameras while the vanilla handset made do with one, but according to the leak both versions of the phone will have two sensors.

The phone should end up a little taller and narrower than these leaks suggest, which should make it a little easier to hold.

There’s not much info on specs just yet, but the Weibo leak suggests Huawei’s using one of its own Kirin CPUs, along with a 5.2in Full HD screen and a 2900mAh battery.

We’ll know for sure next week; Huawei’s Mobile World press conference is set to kick off at lunchtime on Sunday.

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