First leaked photos of the LG G5 emerge, it appears


Come Sunday, we’ll get our first official look at the LG G5 following months of rumours, and we’re sure to get an array of details and specs – and hopefully a release date and price. But someone is trying to sell one right now.

lg-g5-leak-dubai“Might” is the key word, since we don’t have an official frame of reference of what the LG G5 looks like, but these photos line up well with the rumours. According to PhoneArena, someone was trying to sell this handset – claimed to be a prototype of the LG G5 from the United States – on an e-commerce site in Dubai for 2,500 dirhams (about R11,000). The listing has since been pulled.

What can we tell from the photos? Well, if this truly is an LG G5 handset, it has the all-metal build we’ve been hearing about for months, along with a dual-camera setup on the back and a fingerprint sensor below that’s much like the one seen on LG’s own Nexus 5X. Also, the bottom part of the phone looks like it might detach – is that where the removable batteries slide in and out? Or is that the rumoured “Magic Slot” for accessories?

lg-g5-always-on-display-leakIt’s tough to tell from the photos if the LG G5 has the same dual-screen setup as the LG V10, which has a small “ticker” screen along the top, although leaker Evan Blass says it does. By and large, it looks like it could be an authentic LG phone, plus it matches well with the teaser image LG showed last week (above) – but it could also be a facsimile made based on the top rumours.

We don’t actually recommend trying to buy a prototype phone from Dubai, by the way: it’s either stolen or lost, and in any case, it’s not the seller’s device to try and profit from (if real). But it’s another interesting clue towards what we might see come Sunday, when LG takes the stage mere hours before Samsung reveals its own Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Source: PhoneArena


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